About us

We are Hopix IT

a software company that develops web-based software - websites, business applications, warehouse programs, online stores. Over the years of our business we have built strong relationships with our clients.

Apart from software development, we offer our clients free consultations, assistance in developing terms of reference and process modelling, as well as assistance in implementation of the software developed by us.


We understand the relationship between online and offline

We understand the relationship between the online and offline parts of our clients' businesses. We look at these two parts as one because only in this way, they would be mutually beneficial and effective for our clients.

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions that are tailored to your business goals and processes. For those who have a smaller business, don't be intimidated by these heavy words :) We also do budget company websites, but sooner or later, everyone understands that software in the right application can help a business a lot. So clients order more sophisticated software solutions, and for us the biggest reward is that they help them work and live better.



HopixIT is a full member of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASCOM).

The reason we joined BASCOM is that it addresses to the greatest extent problems that we also recognize as our own - the lack of well-qualified staff, as well as the distrust and lack of recognition of Bulgarian software companies on the international market.

With our membership in BASSCOM we aim to help solve these problems as well as to gain new opportunities for business development.