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BG Voice is the most successful Bulgarian online media for news, analysis and commentary headquartered in Chicago, USA. The website provides different types of news according to the different areas from which readers access it. The newspaper provides users with up-to-date news from Bulgaria and the world, including political, economic, cultural, sports and other events. The website has various sections such as News, Analysis, Commentary, Interviews, Reviews and others.

In addition, the website has a convenient interface that allows users to search for specific news or topics that interest them. The site also has multilingual support that allows users to switch between different languages.

There are also banner advertisements on the site that can be purchased by advertisers who wish to reach a wider audience. In addition, the website provides the option to subscribe to an e-newsletter that includes up-to-date news and articles from the media outlet. is built on a multi-modular principle and thus allows extreme flexibility in maintenance, styling of sections and changing the structure and design of individual pages and their sections.


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