Zdravex.bg's online store is an exceptional e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of meal plans that cater to your specific dietary needs. The platform has been built on the reliable and secure  platform that ensures seamless and hassle-free online shopping.

The online store boasts of a highly customizable meal plan functionality that allows users to select meal plans for different days of the week and even adjust the number of meals per day. The administration panel is also equipped with an advanced kitchen request management system that ensures that your meals are freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep on time.

Zdravex.bg values its partners and to reward their loyalty, it has created exclusive promo codes based on the principle of affiliate marketing. This allows partners to benefit from a range of discounts and offers, while also promoting the brand to their audience.

The online store offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of complex and configurable products. Customers have the flexibility to order specific meal plans for the days of the week set by the administrator. A variety of payment methods are integrated into the online store to ensure seamless and secure online transactions.

Zdravex.bg has also integrated with Mailchimp, making it easy to keep customers informed about the latest meal plans and special offers. The online store is designed to provide customers with a memorable shopping experience, while also ensuring the highest quality of food and service. Order your favorite meal plans today and experience the healthy and tasty side of life with Zdravex.bg.



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